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The Secrets of Scientology is a documentary which was broadcast on 28 September 2010 as part of the BBC’s Panorama documentary strand. Presented by John Sweeney it is a follow up of his 2007 investigation into the Church of Scientology and features interviews with former high-ranking members of the organization.

Track Listing:

Moby – JTLF (Album: Wait For Me)
Felix Leband – Dirty Night Town (Album: Dark Days Exit)
Eminem – Lose Yourself
Felix Leband – Girls in the Well (Album: 4/4 Down the Stairs)
Moby – Degenerates (Album: Last Night)
Felix Leband – Sexaphobes (Album: 4/4 Down the Stairs)
Felix Leband – Radio Right Now (Album: Dark Days Exit)
Animal Collective – In The Flowers (Merriweather Post Pavilion )
Moby – Sweet Apocalypse (Album: Last Night)
Felix Leband – WildDog (Album: 4/4 Down the Stairs)
Animal Collective – I Think I Can (Album: Fall Be Kind)
Felix Leband – Falling off a Horse (Album: Dark Days Exit)
Felix Leband – Black Shoes (Album: Dark Days Exit)
Felix Leband – The Sleeping Household (Album: Dark Days Exit)
Moby – Shot in the Back of the Head (Album: Wait For Me)
Felix Leband – Calls from the Wire (Album: Thin Shoes in June)
Moby – Isolate (Album: Wait for Me)
Moby – Pale Horses (Album: Wait for Me)
Animal Collective – My Girls (Album: Merriweather Post Pavilion)
Moby – Ghost Return (Album: Wait for Me)
Felix Leband – Tomorrow Perhaps (Album: Thin Shoes in June)
Animal Collective – On A Highway (Album: Fall be Kind)
Supergrass – Tales of Endurance (Album: Road to Rouen)
Air – Another Day (Album: Talkie Walkie)
Moby – Slow Light (Album: Wait For Me)
Felix Leband – Bats in my Hair (Album: Thin Shoes in June)
Moby – A Seated Night (Album: Wait For Me)
Animal Collective – What Would I Want (Album: Fall Be Kind)
Felix Leband – Whistling In Tongues (Album: Dark Days Exit)
Moby – God Moving Over the Face of the Water (Album: Everything is Wrong)
Animal collective – Bleed (Album: Fall Be Kind)
Air – Spacemaker (Album: Pocket Symphony)
Felix Leband – Red Handed (Album: Dark Days Exit)