Vinnie 1/3 of the Group Naughty by Nature speaks on Eazy E and NWA and Praises the Straight of Compton Film.

eazy e

Here is What Vin Rock had to say.

“In Celebration of Straight Outta Compton’s success I’d like to send a special shout to Eazy E of NWA! This is a shot of his cameo in our “Hip Hop Hooray” video. Eazy also played the role of starting the water gun fight in the video. Once Ice Cube and Dre left Easy & Jerry Heller, Eazy reached out to Naughty to collaborate. The result was a song and video called “Only If You Want It” produced by @kaygeenbn and written by Treach. NWA always had hot merchandise so I picked Eazy’s brain about how they got their merchandise printed inside each cassette tape. I remember Eazy showing us his crib in Calabasas, Ca and I showed him the crib I just copped in Jersey! Eazy was a marketing genius and Very creative person with a wild imagination. Thanks for showing us love! R.I.P. Eazy Does It!”

S/O to DTH  Illtown , East Orange

Credit Instagram   unclevinrock