Floyd Mayweather’s baby mama Melissia is so well taken care of by the boxing champ that she admits to turning down $100,000 in child support each month. The stunning boutique owner explained the situation on Instagram after posting a screenshot of her facetime chat with Floyd. “FT with @floydmayweather Nah I’m good don’t need 100k this month for child support.”

The famed athlete regularly posts photos on Instagram of the gifts that he treats his loved ones to, including a Bugatti Veyron that Melissia was reportedly given earlier this year. Floyd shared a video on his Instagram and tagged Melissia, his current girlfriend Doralie Medina, and model Liza Hernandez, leading everyone to believe he bought the pricey cars for the women.

Seems like Floyd’s girl is better off without the $100,000 per month. What do you think about the situation?

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